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From "Cristy Sy" <>
Subject App Deployment using GBean or GBeanData, ConfigurationManager and DeploymentContext
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:38:04 GMT
Hi David,
We're supposed to create a Migrator (JOE should be able to deploy
applications which were deployed in other app servers such as JBoss and
Weblogic by accepting their DD and Module file). We initially parsed the
vendor-specific dd, extracted the data, and wrote it to xml files which
will serve as the deployment plans for JOE . but this can only handle
minimal migration scenario. We thought of creating a GBeanData where we
will set the needed attributes and pass the GBeanData to a
DeploymentContext. Pls. guide us . we're clueless. What GBeanData should
we use or create?  What data should we place in the GBeanData? What
ConfigurationModuleType should we use?

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