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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: CDATA and GBean attributes
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:00:03 GMT
I think this all ties in to how we construct the dynamic deployment  
module for a module we are trying to deploy.

There's certainly no need for the namespace to be included in the gbean  
name of  the builder.  Builders are going to have to register with a  
framework somehow: currently they either register with Deployer if they  
are ConfigBuilders or have references from the EarBuilder or a  
ModuleBuilder.  A builder gbean can certainly have a read-only  
namespace attribute, or call a registration method with the namespace  
as a parameter.

I'm not yet convinced that the tradeoff of eliminating complete  
validation of a plan is worth the flexibility of an any element with  
dynamic extension registration.

david jencks

On Feb 25, 2005, at 11:37 AM, Hiram Chirino wrote:

> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>>> Stealing a page from the JavaMail spec
>> Those words send a cold cold shiver through my soul.
>>> why not have resource files called and  
>>>  These are resource files located in  
>>> META-INF.  They declare a builders and could also hold their  
>>> configuration.  This way, we wouldn't have to embed the name of the  
>>> builder in the config file, just use the namespace.
>> Why not just make the builder a GBean and locate it using the  
>> namespace?
>> E.g.
>> <gbean  
>> gbeanName='type=builder,namespace= 
>> security'>  ...
>> </gbean>
> I like this.  But then the name space is restricted be something that  
> can be used in a GBeanName right (since we don't escape)?  I'm not  
> sure that's good restriction.
> Regards,
> Hiram
>> Then when you hit the new namespace look up the GBean and hand off  
>> the content processing to it?
>> -- 
>> Jeremy

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