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From David Jencks <>
Subject Peculiar behavior from assertions during junit tests
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:59:08 GMT
A few days ago I noticed that many junit tests were being run with 
assertions disabled by maven, and attempted to track down and fix the 
causes (a modules file overriding the setting in 
etc/ and fix the broken tests.

However, today I am finding several more tests that fail (very much 
correctly) due to assertion errors.  I'm quite sure I've done several 
clean builds in between.  So far I've only seen the failures on os x, 
not linux.  The only think I know I've changed is upgrading to os x 

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

Todays crop of broken tests, so far:

TransactionContextManagerTest  (attempt to commit an already committed 
transaction, assertion about tx status fails)
EARConfigBuilderTest (no EJBReferenceBuilder set in 

david jencks

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