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Subject Re: deployment (oh, how I hate to go here...)
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 00:05:25 GMT
Aaron Mulder <> wrote on 08/02/2005 06:36:39 

> On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
> > "A DeploymentManager running disconnected from its J2EE
> > product can only configure modules but not perform administrative 
> > operations.
> > It might not have access to any product resources. If any of the 
> > administrative
> > operations, distribute, start, stop, undeploy, or redeploy are called,
> > an IllegalStateException must be thrown."
> > 
> > (JSR-88, 4.1, bullet # 3)
> > 
> > Maybe Aaron can shed more light on this.
>    My interpretation was "will probably be thrown", but if the spec
> says "must be thrown" then there's not too much to be done.  The idea 
> that if you're connected you can do anything, but if you're not 
> you should still be able to configure and save a deployment plan and so
> on, you just might not (or in this case, must not) be able to actually 
> to send your application and plan to the server.
>    In any case, I agree that the offline behavior you're looking for 
> is not implemented.  And if you're looking to do it for arbitrary GBean 
> configurations (not just J2EE modules), it would be tough to shoehorn it 

> fully into JSR-88.  So we can either go with two tools (which no one 
> likes) or one tool that's "JSR-88 plus", using JSR-88 where appropriate 
> but offering additional Geronimo-specific features too.
>    Still, I think we have more work to do on the requirements.  For
> example, when we create a "CAR" (the archive of stuff that you can just
> drop in to a server), what should go in it?  What processing gets done
> when creating the CAR and what when deploying the CAR?  Should the 
> need to be online to distribute the CAR, or should we implement the 
> David described to partially start the server in order to do stuff, or
> should there be some "todo"  directory where you dump stuff that you 
> the server to execute when it starts?  If the latter, how do you handle
> conflicting commands or code in there?  Should a CAR be "sealed" or 
> there be some way to update it (for example, if QA and Prod environments 

> have different users that you want to include in the role mapping)?
> Aaron

IMHO, if partially starting the server means that a EAR/WAR/CAR can't be 
deployed remotely then I don't think that is practical as a user may want 
to build and deploy the CAR from a GUI PC/workstation (possibly using a 
GUI deployment tool) to a remote headless server. 

Does anyone have a link to some more info about CAR files?  I could only 



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