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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: References to Beans (EJBContainers...)
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 20:19:53 GMT

On Feb 2, 2005, at 11:50 AM, Mark wrote:

>>>    <gbean name="interop:type=Server,name=RMIIIOP"   
>>> class="org.apache.geronimo.interop.rmi.iiop.server.RmiIiopServerGBean 
>>> ">
>>>        <reference   
>>> name="ContainerIndex">openejb:type=ContainerIndex</reference>
>>>        <reference   
>>> name="Containers">openejb.server:EJBModule=ejbhw,*</reference>
>> Do you really mean to be looking for ejbs from exactly one ejb  
>> module?   If so, you should include the name of the module in this  
>> gbean's name.
> I was thinking that there would be a standard name + wildcard that  
> would include all EJB containers both present and future.   Will all  
> EJB containers have a standard naming convention or will deployers be  
> able to set their own name?    If user can set their own name then a  
> standard name with wildcard may not be added to my collection.

The naming conventions for ejbs must be followed or nothing else will  
work either:-)

I think you want the same patterns as ContainerIndex uses:

         <references name="EJBContainers">

You might be able to use *: or : but I wouldn't experiment too heavily  

Using openejb.server for the domain name would certainly prevent any  
ejb containers from being added to your collection :-)
>>>        <reference  name="AdapterManager">interop:  
>>> type=AdapterManager,name=AdapterManager</reference>
>>>    </gbean>
>> I recommend that you move to the more-automatic gbean naming system   
>> where you specify the j2eeType in the GBeanInfoFactory constructor  
>> and  only the namePart in the xml config.  If you'd like me to modify  
>> your  gbeans for this I'd be happy to.
> What would suggest the name be?
This all depends on how many gbean classes you have, how many instances  
of each class will get deployed, and what kind of relationship between  
them might occur.

If there is exactly one of a gbean, and it's part of the system  
configuration, you can leave the type as "GBean" (the default) or make  
it something more informative such as "CORBAResource".  I don't recall  
any jsr-77 standard type for corba-related components, but this is  
similar to the mandated JTAResource I'm using for the transaction  

If there are potentially lots of instances of a gbean (like  
EJBContainers) you should the particular gbean its own type such as  
"CORBAWidgetRegistry" (you can tell how much I know about corba).

After you decide on type names, you should add it as a constant to  
NameFactory and use it when constructing GBeanInfo like this:

         GBeanInfoBuilder infoFactory = new  

Then, in the xml plan, you just say

<gbean namePart="defaultRegistry" class="...

and you get

>> Also, the names here imply that you are running in openejb rather  
>> than  full geronimo.  Is this correct?
> I don't think so.  I have a temp plan in the directory  
> geronimo\modules\assembly, I started working from the  
> geronimo\modules\assembly\j2ee-server-plan.xml.

As noted above, the domain name may be causing nothing to be found.

Hope this helps
david jencks

> Mark

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