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From Geir Magnusson Jr. <>
Subject deployment (oh, how I hate to go here...)
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:34:46 GMT
I'm missing some important clue about deployment.

It seems I can "deploy" to a running server and "distribute" to a 
non-running server. I understand the technical difference, but I don't 
grok why we need this difference, and more importantly, why I can't 
"undistribute" in the event of a mistake...

I'd hate to distribute the ImmediatelyScramNuclearReactorGBean and have 
to start the server to remove it.

I was perusing JSR88, and it seems to indicate that distribute, start, 
stop, undeploy and redeploy are the "verbs", all applying to a running 
server.  There seems to be no concept of offline for JSR88 that's 

I remember the "Deployment Semantics Wars" of 2004 with much dread, and 
don't wish to rekindle especially now as we're focused on J2EE 
functionality, but can we revisit this?  I would imagine it would be 
nice to have :

1) A JSR-88 compliant tool that is strict in it's support of the spec, 
asymmetry and all.

2) A Geronimo-specific tool that lets me have the nifty things you guys 
designed into this, like a redistributable configuration archive.  I'll 
go re-read the threads...


Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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