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From David Jencks <>
Subject ObjectInputStream with classloading
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 18:02:21 GMT
There are quite a few places where we provide an ObjectInputStream 
augmented with a classloader to be able to load more classes.  Most of 
the current implementations are broken in that they will not load 
arrays of classes in the supplied classloader, nor proxies.

To fix some of these problems I'm moving the one correct implementation 
(ObjectInputStreamExt) to kernel alongside the utility class 
ClassLoading that it relies on, and using it in geronimo.

There are a couple of problems I'm less sure how to deal with:

1. tranql has 2 implementations, one using the thread context cl and 
one using a known classloader.  These are both broken.  However, tranql 
is required to build geronimo "modules" so I dont think we should have 
tranql require geronimo "modules" as well.  Any ideas?  Does the TCCL 
one actually need the TCCL?

2. OpenEjb has a broken implementation, EJBObjectInputStream.  This one 
uses either a constructor-supplied cl or if that is null, the TCCL.  
Can the use of TCCL be dropped from this implementation?

david jencks

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