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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: What's the status of Geronimo Spring integration?
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:36:08 GMT
Bruce Snyder wrote:

>I'm curious to know the status of the Geronimo Spring integration. The
>last message I see is from Jeremy who was looking into an upgrade of
>cglib to support the work that Jules is doing. Has there been any
>progress beyond this to date? Jules, do you need any help with this
no movement :-(

I waited a while to see if anyone else had a complete working build/test 
cycle that they could drop cglib into - no-one has come back.

I tried to create the above (although my real concern is its impact upon 
j2ee testing, which I assume the std testsuite does not encompass) and 
the furthest that I have got is an OutOfMemoryError in the openejb 
testsuite - I threw a number of flags and properties at maven to try to 
get it to run the tests with more memory (I'm on x86_64/AMD - if that 
makes any difference - Sun 1.4.2_05). Still no joy.

I was just thinking about coming back to the list with this, when your 
mail popped up.

Can anyone help me out - I would love to check my code back in....



Once this is in, if you are interested in giving it a whirl and me some 
feedback, I would be delighted to hear from you. If you can stand my 
code formatting, there is still plenty to do - specifically processing a 
META-INF/geronimo-spring.xml which needs to supply meta-data about 
classloading and, I guess, describe which bits of which beans need to be 
exposed to the kernel....

"Open Source is a self-assembling organism. You dangle a piece of
string into a super-saturated solution and a whole operating-system
crystallises out around it."

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