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Subject Securing the Derby Network Server in Geronimo - related to GERONIMO-342
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 23:09:21 GMT
Derby's DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) Network Server 

by default only listens for connections on the loopback address (which is 
a good default) and does not have authentication turned on.

Therefore on a multiuser O/S this level of security seems inadequate as 
any user on the localhost could connect to it using the DB2 Universal 
Connector (specifying any userid and password as it will be ignored by the 

server) and start creating databases/tables etc. 

Q1. Are there any plans on how a default Geronimo configuration would 
secure the embedded Derby Network Server?

Q2. What would be the best way to restrict the remote IP addresses that 
Derby will accept connections from (e.g. particular IP addresses)?  Should 

a policy file be used and passed to the JVM when starting Geronimo (see ) or is 
there a better way for Geronimo?

Q3. Should we have some simple authentication enabled by shipping a sample 

geronimo\var\derby\ file that has something like the 

#Security settings
# User and password list for Derby BUILTIN authentication provider



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