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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Some more deployment questions
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 18:18:12 GMT
Sandip Ghayal wrote:
> Just continuing our discussion from yesterday.
> I am little confused.
> As I understand from yesterdays discussion, I need to
> deploy Resoruce first and then the EJB
> So I tried to deploy connector rar file first and then
> my EJB which would have refrence to this, but then I
> get error as below (Error#1) when trying to deploy
> connector
> I was under the impression that plans are created on
> the fly and users does not have to do anything much
> for that. Is there any thing I need to do before I can
> deploy this connector ? (The connector is standard
> J2EE 1.4 connector)

Plans are not created on the fly - they are the server-specific 
configuration information needed to get the module to run (aka a vendor 
deployment descriptor). For some modules, especially WARs, there are 
common cases where no additional information is needed and we can figure 
out how to make it run based on the standard deployment descriptor and a 
set of default rules. I believe, however, that there is insufficient 
information in a standard ra.xml for that to work and hence we need a plan.

> I looked at the docs and found that there was
> requirement to create geronimo-ra.xml file before one
> can deploy connectors. I think this requirement has
> been removed (after watching up some of the deployment
> related messages). But still I created geronimo-ra.xml
> and put it into the Connector rar file. After doing
> this I get different error (as per error#2)

You can put it inside, or leave the RAR file as is and specify the plan 
on the command line.

What is happening with Error #2 is that we are unable to validate the 
plan and so can't tell if it is actually a malformed geronimo-ra.xml or 
something else entirely. This is a known issue which we are still 
stuggling to resolve neatly.

Common problems are not specifying the right namespace on the root 
element, or having a pre-1.4 plan without a DOCTYPE element. Or, just 
having a malformed or invalid document.


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