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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Any assitance needed for EJB's
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 21:06:33 GMT
Sandip Ghayal wrote:
> Hello Developers,
> My name is Sandip Ghayal. 
> I have worked with implementation of EJB 2.0 and EJB
> 2.1 specifications for Application Server. I was
> wondering if I can be of any assistance to complete
> EJB  implementation for Geronimo Server.
> If any one currently working with EJB implementation
> things there are parts that are not implemented of
> parts that are partly implemented or need modification
> then please let me know.

There is still a chunk of work needed for EJBs although some is 
performance tuning or usability rather than compliance. I know Gianny 
has been working on the EJB-QL compiler so we can have automatic query 
generation, and I believe there are tweaks that can be made to caching 
for SFSB and Entities.

Is your experience more on the container side or with persistence mapping?


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