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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: Writing dummy Servlet to redirect HTTP/SOAP requests
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 06:24:00 GMT
Hi David;
> I don't think exactly this will work.  I have two related ideas that
> will work;
> 1.  Supply the kernel name and axis gbean object name as init params
> for the servlet.  The init method can then get the actual kernel using
> the kernel name
> Kernel kernel = Kernel.getKernel(kernelName);
> and get a proxy to the axis gbean using its object name (don't remember
> the code).  This could be done with the current web deployment
> framework.
there is a minus point as we need to user kernel to invoke the methods
that we do not like to do unless absolutly necessary
> 2.  I think an even better approach is to extend JettyServletHolder to
> include a reference to the AxisGBean and to construct the servlet
> instance with the reference.  Since we would control the construction
> of the servlet, it could have a non-default constructor.  This would
> require writing some web services deployment code that would process
> the web services dd and add gbeans to the context directly.

that would be nice :) if I got the idea  correct it is if Servlet has
constructor with AxisGBean the kernel injected refernace to AxisGBean
for us! hope that is not unfair requirment from the web container
point of view


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