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From David Jencks <>
Subject Severe problems with automapping
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:19:23 GMT
In the process of combining JettyWebAppContext and 
JettyWebAppJACCContext I've tried to make sense of the security 
automapping code.  My conclusion is that it is currently  a mass of 
half implemented features that don't work together.


automapping is spread between deployment and runtime
Most automap features used at deployment time require gbean features 
only available at runtime
There are 3 places automap classes can come from, as far as I can tell:

login domain (only available at runtime)
security realm (currently only available at runtime, but can be made 
available at deployment time fairly easily)
plan security config (available at deployment time)

Of these, the security config classes are ignored completely, although 
they are named as if they should override the other two.
The classes from login domain are commented as defaults, but IIUC they 
will replace anything in the security realm at runtime.

I'd like to propose that we remove any automapping functionality from 
the realms and login modules until a complete implementation can be 
done.  In this way we will have a simpler system that works at 
deployment time and we can try to implement a more sophisticated 
defaults scheme that works without assuming gbeans are started at 
deployment time.


david jencks

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