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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Module Still Broken
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 08:11:16 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> The problem is tomcat and jetty have fundamentally different designs and 
> architectures, so any abstraction would limit both.  The nice thing 
> about the gbean architecture is it was designed to allows components to 
> not agree on a common design.
> Regardless of this discussion, I don't think we want to ship two huge 
> web servers in the geronimo distribution.  My guess is this will add at 
> least 15 megs to the distribution.

I absolutely agree. I think the problem would go away if Geronimo had 
the possibility to download its configuration and wire it in dynamicaly. 
I think, it's Jeremy's idea. So, people would decide which configuration 
they need and Geronimo would download it afterwards. It's similar in 
concept to the way maven dependencies work.

Dain, do you think, it'd sort it out once and for all?

> -dain


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