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From Hari Kodungallur <>
Subject Axis build question
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 06:20:45 GMT
I have a build related question (in axis module) that could be related
to this JIRA entry.

The EWS code generation currently assumes that the directory structure
for axis looks like geronimo/modules/axis. Geronimo build runs into
problems if I either rename geronimo to, say, trunk (i.e.,
trunk/modules/axis), or if I do not start the build at the geronimo
level (say I have mywork/geronimo/... and I have another build file at
mywork level and I call geronimo build from mywork).
Actually the code generation is okay, but the test:test of axis fails
when it tries to build the generated files. (Because the generated
build.xml file does not have the correct class path to the geronimo-axis

The classpath for the generated build.xml in this case looks like

<path id="classpath" >
   <pathelement location="{basedir}/target/classes"/>
   <pathelement location="{basedir}/target/test-classes"/> 
          <fileset dir="${maven.repo.local}">
             .... (snip)

whereas the geronimo-axis classes are in

I am curious whether there is there any reason why the first pathelement
is dependent on the location of file? Can the Build
File Generation file just put the {basedir}/modules/axis/target/classes
irrespective of where the config file is found?

Thanks much!

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 20:13, Srinath Perera (JIRA) wrote:
>      [ ]
> Srinath Perera resolved GERONIMO-490:
> -------------------------------------
>     Resolution: Fixed
> EWS and the axis-geronimo module is updated to not creating anyhting in the target directory.
Please cross check
> > Axis creates config store in trunk root
> > ---------------------------------------
> >
> >          Key: GERONIMO-490
> >          URL:
> >      Project: Apache Geronimo
> >         Type: Bug
> >   Components: webservices
> >     Reporter: Alan Cabrera
> >     Assignee: Srianth Perera
> >
> > Axis creates config store in trunk root, i.e. trunk/target.

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