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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject Re: Geronimo M3 Installer
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:43:16 GMT

Hi Aaron,

I'm currently running the installer. After installation (11/11), the 
list of installed packages appears in the installer window. Next window 
tells me to read some information. I've tried to go to previous page 
then, just to look again at the installed modules: Now the installer 
says "x/22" and installes modules once more. Is it possible, to set a 
flag in the installer "Already installed" and suppress this "updating"?

Kind regards

Peter Nabbefeld

Aaron Mulder schrieb:
> All,
> 	I've created (and now posted!) an installer package of Geronimo.  
> It's JAR you download, and then run "java -jar installer.jar" to install.  
> When you do that, you get a little wizard that prompts you for license, 
> install dir, default username/PW, default ports, etc.  This is kind of a 
> "beta" since it hasn't been widely tested.
> 	Which brings us to the point of this message.  Please download
> this and give it a shot, and reply with any feedback.  Thanks!
> Download:
> Install:
> java -jar geronimo-1.0-M3-installer.jar   (must be JDK 1.4+)
> Aaron

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