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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject Re: M3 does not start
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 16:05:33 GMT
Aaron Mulder schrieb:

> Peter,
> 	That's not so easy -- neither changing the default Jetty port nor
> disabling Jetty.  You need to either build a new server configuration for
> yourself (replace the org/apache/geronimo/Server configuration) or edit
> the details of that configuration via JMX changes at runtime.  We don't
> give you the source you need to do the first with the milestone (though
> you can get it from the SVN repository), and as far as I know we don't
> give you a good tool to make runtime JMX changes.

I've noticed two serialized objects in config-store/4 - do they also 
contain the jetty config? Or is the information included in 

In the first case, it should be easy to implement a tool (implied there 
is enough time ;-) ). In the second, there will be needed a patch to 
access configuration data either from serialized or xml data (last one 

BTW: I don't believe JMX would be a good idea to (initially) change port 
data, as this would make it impossible to install Geronimo into a "life" 
environment - You cannot force the admin to shutdown a probably large 
web site to install geronimo.

> 	We're hoping to provide some more robust management tools and
> configuration procedures in the next milestone release.  In the mean time,
> let me know if you're interested in the "manual procedure" for altering
> your default server configuration.

IMO, this is definitly the wrong way. If I'm succesful with some tools, 
I'd prefer to supply them back. However, please don't wait for them, as 
I'm not got much spare time currently.

Kind regards


> Aaron
> On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
>>Hi Aaron,
>>Thank You for the quick response - You've been right. Could You probably 
>>add something like 'Needed Resources' add to the wiki? Such a big stack 
>>output sometimes becomes confusing, particularly if the cause for it is 
>>in the middle of the output. ;-)
>>Two more questions:
>>1. As Geronimo is currently an installation for testing with it, I'd 
>>like to change the default port - where can I do that?
>>2. I'll want to use my existing Tomcat installation with Geronimo - how 
>>can I disable Jetty? Best would be, if I could simply disable it and 
>>possibly re-enable later.
>>Kind regards
>>Aaron Mulder schrieb:
>>>	My guess is that this is the important part:
>>>On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
>>>>fully start: objectName=geronimo.server:container
>>>> Address already in use: JVM_Bind
>>>>        at Method)
>>>>        at
>>>>        at
>>>>        at<init>(
>>>	In other words, it seems like something is already listening on 
>>>port 8080 -- perhaps Tomcat or a different Geronimo instance?

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