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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Draft M3 Release Notes
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 21:53:51 GMT
Repeated here for your convenience.  There's some text in the middle -- 
please pay special attention to that.  


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Current Project Status at a Glance

Significant Changes Since the M2 Release
 * CMP Entity beans are now supported.  However, there are still
   significant limitations (no EJB QL support).  This is one of the
   last outstanding core J2EE features.

 * Geronimo security realms have been integrated with the J2EE
   containers, so J2EE container-managed authentication works.

 * The web container now supports HTTPS with configurable SSL
   certificates, etc.

 * The transaction system is more robust, with big fixes, transaction
   log support, etc.

 * An application client container is now included with Geronimo

 * Configuration changes to core Geronimo services and running
   applications are persisted, though we still lack a user-friendly
   interface for making such changes.

 * Manifest Class-Path entries in J2EE application modules are

 * JDBC database pools and JMS connection factories, topics, and
   queues are now fully supported "out of the box".

 * When deploying a J2EE connector, multiple instances of the same
   resource adapter can be declared in the same deployment plan.

 * The command-line deployment tool supports authentication and hot
   deployment to a running server.

 * JAX-RPC and SAAJ features are available to applications acting as
   Web Services clients (though Web Services server features are not
   yet available)

Significant Missing Features
 * Full EJB CMP support with EJB QL

 * Message-Driven Beans support for JMS (currently present but buggy
   in comparison to non-JMS message sources)

 * A good management tool, capable of reconfiguring the core Geronimo
   services (such as setting a different default transaction timeout,
   changing default security realm, changing web container listen
   port, etc.)

 * A complete JSR-77 implementation, including the Management EJB

 * A complete JSR-88 configuration and deployment tool

 * JSR-88 support for Geronimo deployment plan configuration

 * Web Services server features and required J2EE features

 * Fully integrate Tomcat as an alternative to Jetty as the web

 * Full functionality on non-Sun JVMs

 * Full RMI over IIOP support, including 1.4 and 1.5 JVMs

 * Deployment tools should work from remote machines

 * Application client container should work from remote machines

 * Support for general JDBC XA drivers, and product-specific JDBC

 * Better features for migrating application and service
   configurations between different Geronimo servers

 * Ant tasks for common tasks (deployment, etc.)

Overall Project Status
Geronimo has made great strides, and J2EE certification testing is
well underway.  However, it's probably clear from reading the notes
above, there's still a lot of work left.

In general, many core features work as expected, and many applications
(that do not depend too heavily on advanced EJB features) can be
successfully run on Geronimo.  Core services such as transactions and
security are available, (though the configuration can be onerous in
some areas).

There are a still a number of outstanding bugs, and Geronimo has not
been extensively performance tested.  Your help would be appreciated!

Documentation efforts are underway, and freely available documentation
covers many of the more stable aspects of the product.

For more information on specific bugs or features, or to help with
testing efforts, please visit JIRA, our bug/issue tracking system, at

Specific Issues Addressed in M3 Release

** New Features
    * [GERONIMO-173] - EJB CMP: v1.1 Entity Bean support
    * [GERONIMO-176] - EJB CMP: table mapping support
    * [GERONIMO-177] - EJB CMP: Support for user defined primary key 
    * [GERONIMO-179] - EJB CMP: Support for CMRs
    * [GERONIMO-217] - JAAS Login from J2EE App Client
    * [GERONIMO-249] - Support manifest Class-Path entries in J2EE modules
    * [GERONIMO-278] - Servlet/JSP 2.3 deployment descriptor support
    * [GERONIMO-284] - EAR alt-dd support
    * [GERONIMO-326] - Support for ejb-refs in a J2EE App Client
    * [GERONIMO-327] - Support for env-entry in J2EE App Client
    * [GERONIMO-328] - Support for resource-ref in J2EE App Client
    * [GERONIMO-329] - Support for resource-env-ref in J2EE App Client
    * [GERONIMO-331] - Support for message-destination-ref in J2EE App 
    * [GERONIMO-357] - Command line deployer can connect to running server
    * [GERONIMO-377] - EJB CMP: Unknown primary key support
    * [GERONIMO-378] - Implement transaction timeouts
    * [GERONIMO-398] - Configuration changes are saved to disk
    * [GERONIMO-399] - GBeans can be configured to be disabled by default
    * [GERONIMO-401] - J2EEApplication name can be specified distinct from 
the configId
    * [GERONIMO-412] - More deploy/runtime options for connection pools
    * [GERONIMO-427] - HTTPS access to (Jetty) web container
    * [GERONIMO-429] - Foreign key constraints are not enforced for CMP 
2.x EntityBean

** Improvements
    * [GERONIMO-338] - Change default client configId to 
    * [GERONIMO-339] - Support an ejb-link in geronimo deployment 
    * [GERONIMO-340] - Support ejb-ref resolution by matching on the EJB 
    * [GERONIMO-353] - JMS (ActiveMQ) configuration included w
    * [GERONIMO-354] - JMS (ActiveMQ) allows selection of data store 
    * [GERONIMO-363] - Better logging for exceptions in RA Work instances
    * [GERONIMO-371] - Improved structure for xxx-refs in geronimo plans
    * [GERONIMO-372] - Multiple deployments of the same RA in 
    * [GERONIMO-379] - Use XID tracking provided by HOWL logger
    * [GERONIMO-393] - Simplify configuration for MDBs in openejb-jar.xml
    * [GERONIMO-402] - Disentangle package relationships in openejb
    * [GERONIMO-403] - Split j2ee module into j2ee and j2ee-builder
    * [GERONIMO-404] - Split deployment and runtime code for connectors
    * [GERONIMO-405] - Jetty module should be split into jetty & 
    * [GERONIMO-413] - geronimo-ra.xml transaction settings defaults to 
ra.xml transaction setting
    * [GERONIMO-418] - Split naming module into naming and naming-builder
    * [GERONIMO-435] - Should be able to specifiy default parent config id
    * [GERONIMO-443] - Deployer prompts for username/password if necessary
    * [GERONIMO-464] - Split out common geronimo-security.xsd processing 
    * [GERONIMO-459] - Deployment module JAR includes JSR-88 Factory 

** Bug Fixes
    * [GERONIMO-260] - NullPointerException deploying EAR files
    * [GERONIMO-261] - NullPointerException deploying EAR jetty module
    * [GERONIMO-294] - NPE on some Windows installations stops server from 
    * [GERONIMO-321] - Don't process JSP EL for v2.3 web apps
    * [GERONIMO-349] - Don't assume ResourceAdapter.getXAResources != null
    * [GERONIMO-352] - TransactionContext is not associated with imported 
    * [GERONIMO-360] - Wrong TX policy for StatefulSession ejbCreate 
    * [GERONIMO-362] - RA ConnectionFactories support more than one 
    * [GERONIMO-370] - Schema dir missing geronimo-application-client.xsd
    * [GERONIMO-385] - transaction manager generally does not call 
end(xid, TMSUCCESS) during commit process
    * [GERONIMO-390] - Transaction timeout can leak memory
    * [GERONIMO-432] - Dynamic gbean attributes don't have type 
    * [GERONIMO-439] - Remote management blows up on null password
    * [GERONIMO-441] - JSR-88 incorrectly handles authentication errors
    * [GERONIMO-445] - Web Services supports localhost on IPv6 ::1
    * [GERONIMO-447] - Schema dir missing openejb-jar.xsd
    * [GERONIMO-469] - Should allow lookup of java:/comp as well as 

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