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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Questionable JIRA Issues
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 21:26:37 GMT
	I've gone through the open JIRA issues in expectation of a new
release.  There are some issues that I suspect might be outdated and/or
fixed, but I don't know for sure.  Can you look over this list and reply
or update any of the issues you are familiar with?


J2EE 1.4 Application Client (JSR 151) support
 -- we have a client container now, right?  ()
UserTransaction access from App Client Container
 -- can clients in container access a UserTransaction yet?

-----------  ()
Move assembly out of modules
 -- is this still necessary?  isn't the non-uberbuild working now?  (David B)
Nightly build/test on Windows
 -- don't we have this now?  (David B)
Nightly build/test on Mac OS X
 -- don't we have this now?  (David B)
Nightly build/test on FreeBSD
 -- not sure about BSD  (David B)
Nightly build/test on Linux
 -- alright, I forget which platforms David actually has covered  (Jeremy)
Transient failure to install configuration on WinXP/JDK1.5
 -- Is this still an issue?

----------  ()  (David J)  (David J)  (David J)  (David J)

 -- David J, can you confirm that these should all still be open?

----  (Jeremy)
Automatic SQL Generation for CMP Deployment Phase  (Jeremy)
Support Database Level Automatic Key Generation under CMP 2.0 with Nova
 -- I suspect these are no longer applicable due to recent CMP changes  (Alan)
(Improvements to XML resolving to make offline builds better)
 -- This is a very old patch, I wonder if it's still applicable  (Jeremy)
Partial Test classes for o.a.g.client
 -- Jeremy was going to revisit this patch after some rewriting
 -- which I think has now happened, but my guess would be that
 -- the changes are too extensive

----------  ()
waitForStarted goal on Windows (WRT Maven install on path w/spaces)
 -- Can a Windows user confirm whether this is still an issue?  (Jeremy)
SAXParseException: Attribute "xmlns" must be declared for element type 
 -- I haven't seen this error before; I think this can be closed  (Gianny)
NullPointerException deploying EAR files
 -- This is a quick and relevant patch.  If the problem still
 -- exists then it should be applied, and the issue closed either way  (Dain/Alan)
exceptions being swallowed (or out of order) at startup
 -- Not clear if some/all of this patch has been applied, but it
 -- sounds like it's worth a review  (Gianny)
NullPointerException deploying EAR jetty module
 -- Is this still a problem?  Should be easy to fix

-------  (Alan)
Percolate errors from SocketProtocol up the stack
 -- submitter says it can be closed, but I'd like Alan to confirm  (Dain)
ServerInfo is too darned useful
 -- wasn't something done on ServerInfo recently?

-------  (Alan)
Web to EJB security integration
 -- might be working now?  ()  (Gianny)  ()  (Jeremy)
 -- are all these CMP issues still relevant?  ()
EJB-QL support
 -- is this still missing?  (David B)
EJB 2.1 Home methods  ()
Entity instance caching  ()
Transaction propogation accross calls to stateful session beans  (Dain)
ejbSelect method support
 -- are these issues still relevant?  ()
wrong tx policy for at least StatefulSession ejbCreate method
 -- not currently causing an itest failure; does that mean it's fixed?  ()
EJB 2.1 ServiceEndpoint interface support
 -- I assume from Axis conversations this is not yet fixed, but
 -- probably ought to be assigned (to dims?)

---  (Jeremy)
Cannot undeploy .WAR files in windows
 -- is this still a problem?  ()
Error for /blojsom/: java.lang.StackOverflowError
 -- Can someone try this with latest version of that app from SF
 -- and the current Jetty snapshot?

-----------  ()
webservice deployment with ews
 -- it looks like some patches here have been applied
 -- are there still outstanding bits?

-------  ()
Geronimo-service.xml Schema and corresponing Tests
 -- Looks like this was applied by Jeremy, want to confirm  ()
The ${geronimo.home}/config-store should be created if missing prior to 
 -- Is this still an issue?  ()
GBean proxy code could use improvement
 -- Is this still an issue?

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