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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject New Deployer
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 05:41:42 GMT
	The new deployer is in.  It's bin/new-deployer.jar in the assembly 
module.  I've updated the assembly maven.xml to build and use the new one 
instead of the old one for building the server (but the old one is still 
there, for new).
	To get the basics on the new deployer, run:

java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar

	For help on connectivity options:

java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help options

	For help on a command:

java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help [command]

	For help on all commands:

java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help all

	Currently, JSR-88 deployment to a running server on the same 
machine works, and the old deployer functions of "distribute" (old 
--install) and "package" (old --outfile) work when the server is not 
running.  I believe this essentially covers all the functionality 
of the old deployer plus new online deployment options.

	I've run "maven -o jar:deploy" to update the revisions to the 
repository.  I hope that will be enough to get OpenEJB to build with the 
new deployer too.  If not, let me know what I need to do.


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