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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Can GBean get its configuration ClassLoader?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 18:23:39 GMT
You simply declare an attribute of type ClassLoader, named 
"classLoader", which is not persistent, and the framework will 
automatically inject the correct class loader.


Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
310.536.8355, ext. 26

On Nov 18, 2004, at 7:49 AM, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Aaron Mulder []
>> Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 10:56 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Can GBean get its configuration ClassLoader?
>> 	I wonder if there's a way for a GBean to get the ClassLoader for
>> the configuration it's a part of -- in other words, the
>> GBeanMBean.getClassLoader(), which includes the dependencies in the
>> deployment plan, etc.
>> 	I want the SQLSecurityRealm to be able to load a driver class.
>> However, the SQLSecurityRealm itself was loaded in the Server
>> configuration, and the JDBC driver is included as a dependency of the
>> service deployment plan that declares the realm (but gets the
>> SQLSecurityRealm class from its parent).  So the SQLSecurityRealm
> can't
>> see the driver classes in a child of it's own CL, and the
>> ThreadContextClassLoader does not appear to be set to something useful
>> when doStart is called on the GBean.
>> 	I basically want to be able to call some static method to get
> the
>> GBeanMBean for the current GBean implementation class, becasue then I
>> could get the ClassLoader from it.  But any other suggestions would be
>> appreciated too.  :)
> Why not declare the driver in the same plan as the SQLSecurityRealm and
> use the magic attribute classLoader?
> Regards,
> Alan

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