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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: New Deployer
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 05:44:18 GMT
Sweet! Can you add this documentation to our wiki?



Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
310.536.8355, ext. 26

On Nov 4, 2004, at 9:41 PM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	The new deployer is in.  It's bin/new-deployer.jar in the assembly
> module.  I've updated the assembly maven.xml to build and use the new 
> one
> instead of the old one for building the server (but the old one is 
> still
> there, for new).
> 	To get the basics on the new deployer, run:
> java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar
> 	For help on connectivity options:
> java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help options
> 	For help on a command:
> java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help [command]
> 	For help on all commands:
> java -jar bin/new-deployer.jar help all
> 	Currently, JSR-88 deployment to a running server on the same
> machine works, and the old deployer functions of "distribute" (old
> --install) and "package" (old --outfile) work when the server is not
> running.  I believe this essentially covers all the functionality
> of the old deployer plus new online deployment options.
> 	I've run "maven -o jar:deploy" to update the revisions to the
> repository.  I hope that will be enough to get OpenEJB to build with 
> the
> new deployer too.  If not, let me know what I need to do.
> Aaron

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