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From Stefan Arentz <>
Subject Hosting Spring Applications
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2004 13:22:51 GMT
Before I start asking my stupid newbie questions it is probably a good 
idea to explain what I am trying to achieve here :-)

My goal is to create a Geronimo configuration to deploy 
Hibernate/Spring/Web applications in. Despite that Geronimo is 
'marketed' as a J2EE container, I see it more like a generic 
application server that can be used to host any kind of application in.

This will be an open source effort. Either as part of one of the two 
projects are simply published through sourceforge.

Starting simple seemed like a good idea, so what I am trying to setup 
now is a Spring hosting platform that can deploy an EAR archive variant 
that contains SPR and WAR archives. I'll get back about the SPR 
archives later.

My ideal setup would be this; you start Geronimo with a  Spring 
Container configuration/personality. You can then deploy applications 
to it that have a structure like this:


The SPR would contain all the spring beans, business logic and 
persistence support (like hibernate mappings + domain classes). The WAR 
would simply be a 'client' of the logic deployed through the SPR, but 
also include its own spring configuration.

When this EAR is deployed, the container first processes the SPR; a new 
bean factory is created and all the meta-inf/spring/*.xml files are 
processed. Then the WAR is deployed, which also has a meta-inf/spring 
directory. All its spring bean configurations are then also deployed in 
the context of the global bean factory for thie EAR deployment.

So now my questions :-)

1) What do people think of this idea? :)

2) Am I right that a '*-plan.xml' is only used to give a Geronimo 
instance a 'personality' ? It is a bit confusing because the plans are 
now used as both personality configuration and deployment of (GBean) 
services. Or is the latter so because there is no simple way yet to 
deploy .sar like packages (as part of an EAR)?

3) Any hints on adding a new archive type (SPR) to Geronimo? What would 
be a good starting point to look at? Is the M3 API stable enough to 
start writing these kind of things?


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