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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Download source behind firewall
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 03:20:40 GMT
Sundaranathan wrote:

>       Can anyone let me know how do i download the source of geronimo. I 
> tried using "svn checkout 
> geronimo", but i am not 
> able to do it. It gives the following error "svn: Unrecognized URL 
> scheme '' ". This could 
> be because i am behind firewall. Please let me know how do it checkout 
> the geronimo source using svn.


The secure URL is for committers only. Try using the non-secure URL:

The HTTP protocol can easily tunnel through a firewall as long as the 
firewall allows it. That's actually a big reason that Subversion uses 
URLs over the HTTP protocol. But if you must use a proxy from behind 
your firewall, the Subversion client needs to be configured for this. 
Please see the following section of the Subversion book that discusses 
configuration options for proxy servers:

perl -e 'print 

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