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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: BLOB manipulation - question
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 00:49:57 GMT
Gianny Damour wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on the support of Dependent Value Classes.
> The implementation is rather simple: if a binding is not explicitely 
> defined for a CMP field class (see 
> org.tranql.sql.jdbc.binding.BindingFactory) and if the class implements 
> Serializable, then one assumes that the CMP field is a Dependent Value 
> Class. Such CMP fields are stored into BLOB columns.
> The serialized object is stored into the BLOB via the 
> PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream(int parameterIndex, 
> x, int length) method. As a matter of fact, this 
> works with Derby. Yet, it seems that this is not the "correct" way. More 
> accurately, it seems that PreparedStatement.setBlob (int i, Blob x) is 
> the "correct" way.
> Anyone knows if PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream is portable?

LOBs in general are not very portable, especially with Oracle.

The problem with setBlob() is that you need to have the driver create an 
instance for you - you can't just pass in a class that implements that 
interface. That usually involves executing the insert/update statement 
with vendor specific SQL and then obtaining a LOB locator either via 
another select or by using something like Oracle's insert/returning.

setBinaryStream() is the most portable way with the main exception being 
Oracle's thin driver where this will not work if the stream is over 4K 
in length.


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