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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Excessive error output when deploying plan?
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:07:04 GMT wrote:
> I tried deploying a JMS resource plan and got an error.  The amount of 
> error output produced seems excessive.  It looks like the plan was output 
> to the terminal three times in the error information.
> Is it necessary to output so much information, including a stack trace?  I 
> would have expected just a few lines of error output that hopefully points 
> to the offending line of the plan. 
> Would it be feasible to have a deploter option that could turn on more 
> detailed debugging information, that is off by default?
> Some users may be using a terminal with a limited scroll buffer and may 
> lose part of the output.
> I have included the command and output I received below..

<deleted as it is, well, excessive :-) >

It looks like the multiple copies come from the unwinding of the nested 
exceptions - it looks like XMLBeans is including the document in the 
root cause's message and it is getting propagated up.

Given that validation errors are likely to be commonplace, I'm curious 
to know if there is a way of capturing more detailed information as the 
document is being parsed, including the location of the offending text. 
If we can capture that we can return that as a special sub-class of 
DeploymentException that would allow a tool to produce more meaningful 
error messages.

Does anyone know if XMLBeans can do this?

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