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From Craig Johannsen <>
Subject Re: 1.0-M3 src build failed
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 06:57:03 GMT
Manually downloading howl-logger-0.1.8-SNAPSHOT.jar from using my browser permitted Maven 
to get past the problem.  It continued to report that it failed to 
download the file but that it exists locally.  Then I ran into a similar 
problem with commons-discovery-SNAPSHOT.jar, which doesn't exist at but does exist at  I noticed that it took a 
VERY long time to get at the file with my browser -- perhaps maven times 
out trying to get these files.  Unfortunately, with 
commons-discovery-SNAPSHOT.jar, after it failed to download, it did not 
recognize that there was a manually downloaded version already in my 
.maven repository.  Tried a couple of times and it failed the same way 
both times.  Probably, I would be running into the same problems if I 
were building checked out source from Subversion, which is what I really 
ought to be doing instead of messing with this src jar.   I did this 
primarily out of curiosity just to see if it would work.  I think we can 
see there are several problems, though I'm not sure exactly what they 
are -- just guessing, maybe:
a.) maven times out when download takes too long -- maybe this is a 
setting we can tweak somewhere;
b.) maven fails to try the second respository (e.g., ibiblio) when the 
first (openejb) times out, and/or fails to notice that it already has 
the jar in its local repository;
c.) using SNAPSHOT jars when a specific version may be more stable or 
more reliably available in one of the repositories.

It seems to me that a release should not depend on SNAPSHOT jars, unless 
I misunderstand what a SNAPSHOT jar is.  These can be untested or very 
lightly tested code.  Does anyone agree?  I think this is what Aaron was 
saying when he said "We need to improve this somehow for future 
milestone releases, though so long as so many things we depend on are 
SNAPSHOTs, it's going to be tough."

Its worth mentioning that numerous jar files did download OK from either 
the openejb or ibiblio repositories.

| Executing default Geronimo :: Assembly
| Memory: 23M/39M
Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-velocity-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download howl-logger-0.1.8-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Artifact /howl/jars/howl-logger-0.1.8-SNAPSHOT.jar doesn't exists in 
remote repository, but it exists locally
Attempting to download org.mortbay.jetty-5.1-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download commons-discovery-SNAPSHOT.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download commons-discovery-SNAPSHOT.jar.

Element... maven:reactor
Line...... 217
Column.... 9
The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependency:


Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Craig Johannsen wrote:
>> Seems to be using "maven.repo.remote=, 
>>" and not finding 
>> "howl-logger-0.1.8-SNAPSHOT.jar".  Maybe "0.1.7-SNAPSHOT" would work 
>> better.
> is there so the first repo should work (it is for me now). There are 
> known bugs in 0.1.7 that stop Geronimo working so I would not use that 
> one.
> -- 
> Jeremy

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