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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: online and offline deployment
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 01:19:59 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> Guys,
> After reading these two massive emails, I feel no closer to  
> understanding what Jeremy wants to change.  Jeremy, I think it would  
> help me if you could summarize what you propose we do differently from  
> what was voted on the week before last and clarify whether your  
> proposal would be in addition to the solution we voted to do or if it  
> would replace that solution.

I argue that JSR-88 features such as start, stop, ... that are intended 
for online use do not work in offline mode and trying to implement them 
is resulting in an incomplete solution that will be problematic in all 
but the degenerate case. The plan to hack start based on a specific 
implementation of ConfigurationStore is indicative that there is 
something fundamentally wrong here.

Aaron tried to implement the feature as planned, ran into a problem, and 
asked on the list if anyone minded if he hacked around it. I did, for 
reasons that have been explained.

Can you take another look at the mails again and see if you can come up 
with a proposal that works? I would hate to waste another day writing a 
another mail that you do not understand.

And despite the on-list conversations that make it pretty clear I think 
there are technical problems, to keep you happy here is a formal -1 veto 
on any implementation intended for general use that couples the 
standalone deployer to the implementation of the target server's config 
store or which requires the deployer to boot the target server to do 
offline deployment. I have already +1'd Aaron's existing changes.


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