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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject What hidden agenda?
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 17:07:43 GMT
Last Thursday, Aaron Mulder and I had a heated but healthy technical
discussion on this list about the implementation of certain features in
the new deployer. It became clear to both of us that continuing to use
email was getting unproductive and Aaron pinged me on IM to see if we
could discuss them directly.

We had a very productive hour-long discussion, clarified areas where we
agreed and where we both saw issues, and came to consensus on how to
proceed. Aaron summarized this to the list here:

which basically says he was going to commit his new stuff for online
deployment and offline packaging. He also inquired here:

about how to create a experimental branch which he planned to use to
check in the code for the areas that had issues that still needed to be
resolved so that the entire community could see them and discuss.

At the same time I promised to email the list a detailed description of
the issues as I saw them. I told Aaron that this would take a couple of
days and that things were really busy at work (for the record my company
was in crunch mode getting a release done).

The response to this by two members of the community was bitter and
personal, almost indicative of paranoid delusion. In a stream of
vitriolic email mostly with other community members I have been accused
that my behaviour is not in the "Apache Way", of trying to create a
"back channel", of not directing opinion to the list, of not fulfilling
my obligation to vote, and had my motivations treated with suspicion.

This is neither healthy nor technical. This behaviour is harmful to the 
reputation and perception of this community and this project. It will 
not be condoned.

My promised description of the issues I saw has been sent to the list
and is available at

Let us civily seek consensus and get this behind us.


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