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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Vote: Remove old deployer, rename new deployer
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 07:11:57 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	I'd like to remove the current "deployer.jar" tool, remove the
> command-line processing logic from the Deployer class, rename
> "new-deployer.jar" to "deployer.jar" and change the bootstrapper to build
> the new one instead of the old one.  Currently there are two so we'd have
> some sort of transition (fallback in case of problems), but since the
> build script is pretty much only using the new one now, there are some
> NPE's in the old one, and no one seems to have had any problems with the
> new one, I'd like to go ahead and eliminate the old one.
> 	Please indicate whether you agree.

I played with this briefly in online mode and in package mode and 
everything looked good. I still feel it is a little early as others may 
not have had chance yet but here's my +1

I do have a couple of suggestions for minor improvements. AIUI there is 
no option to package without installing in the deployer's config store; 
I think this would be a useful option to add. I would suggest making the 
default not to install and then add a --install option to the package 
command which would do that.

The other is that in the old one if you did not specify --install or 
--outfile then it effectively validated that the config could be built 
but did not do anything with it. This was useful if a little obscure. I 
would suggest added a "validate" command that did just that. I think 
this can work both online and in package mode although doing it online 
may mean working around JSR-88 limitations. We should also be clear that 
validate just means that the config can be built (which will catch 90% 
of common deployment problems) but will not actually try to start the 

Thanks Aaron, I think this is a good improvement over what we had before.


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