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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: How to updated config.list during offline deployment
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 20:33:47 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	What I am proposing is the equivalent of using the current deploy 
> tool, and then adding the module's configId to the server command line 
> next time you start it -- which is what you can do today.  I don't see how 
> that makes the situation worse.

No, you were proposing having the deployment tool hack the internal file 
used by a specific GBean. I object to that as it relies on 
implementation detail.

> 	You seem to be sugesting that the deploy tool should only work
> fully when the server is running, and if the server is not running, then
> you need to use a different command to start the server and deploy at the
> same time.  Is that right?

No, I was proposing adding the command line option to the server that 
added a configId to the list retrieved from the last-known-configs 
GBean. This is a portable way of achieving what you were trying to do 
above. It is also simply "start" and not "deploy"

You can install(distribute) offline to your heart's content but I don't 
want the user fooled into thinking their app is startable when it isn't. 
The "deploy" tool (as in distribute/start) can *only* work with a 
running server as that is the only way to tell if the application is 

I think the typical usage will be:

start server
    write code
    build (with distribute/start to online server)
until app works or it's time to go home

rather than

   write code
   build (with 'deploy' to offline server)
   start server
   check logs for errors
   stop server
until app works or it's time to go home

We should make the first simple and reliable.


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