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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Changes to GBeanInfo classes
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 01:43:16 GMT
I think we need to change the GBeanInfo classes so the constructors 
require all data be specified.  This means that the GBeanInstance (the 
implementation class) will not try to "figure things out" such as 
accessor names.  This change will not break Geronimo, OpenEJB or 
ActiveMQ, since all of these projects never work directly with the 
GBeanInfo classes directly.  Instead they always work through the 
GBeanInfoBuilder class.  This will break code that is building 
GBeanInfo objects directly (I don't know of any but there could be some 
out there).

The lack of information in the GBeanInfo classes is leading to overly 
complex code.  The GBeanInfo classes were originally designed to make 
it easy for programers to create the info objects by hand (in static 
code blocks).  The classes were designed to take the minimum amount of 
information necessary to create a GBeanMBean.  Information such as an 
accessor name could be left unspecified, and the GBeanMBean would guess 
the accessor name based on JavaBean naming conventions.  This guessing 
is itself complex, and does not allow for user supplied algorithms for 
matching.  This lack of information is also carried through the rest of 
the system.  For example, the kernel has a getGBeanInfo method to 
retrieve the GBean info for any registered GBean.  The problem is the 
GBeanInfo is not fully specified, which make it difficult to write 
things like a kernel based console and the MEJB (We currently have a 
pretty ugly hack that makes some of this possible).

Change the GBeanInfo classes to require full specification and move the 
"figure things out" code from the GBeanInstance to the 

This direct creation of GBeanInfo objects has been discarded over time 
and has been replaced with the GBeanInfoBuilder class.  There are very 
few classes that construct a GBeanInfo or deal with one directly, and 
most of those are internal to the Kernel.  After checking, Geronimo, 
ActiveMQ, and OpenEJB, I only found one use of a GAttributeInfo 
constructor in ActiveMQ, which can trivially be converted to the 
equivalent GBeanInfoBuilder method.  Quoting from above, "this change 
will not break Geronimo, OpenEJB or ActiveMQ... This will break code 
that is building GBeanInfo objects directly (I don't know of any but 
there could be some out there)."

GBean implementation becomes a lot less complex.
Enables the ability to write more complex GBeanInfoBuilders.
Validation of GBeanInfo is much easier, and happens at GBeanInfo 
creation time instead of when we attempt to instantiate a 
GBean browsers such as MEJB and consoles are much easier to write.


Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
310.536.8355, ext. 26

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