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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject Re: Starting w/ Tomcat
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2004 11:36:03 GMT
Hi Jeff
    For a good starting point see and the
current security changes.

--- Jeff Genender <> wrote:

> One of the first things I am going to take on in
> integrating Tomcat is 
> the Geronimo JAAS integration.
> So...I wanted to bounce a few questions off you
> guys, and with being a 
> new comer to the Geronimo project, I am probably
> going to ask a few n00b 
> Geronimo questions, so I apologize in advance.
> The JAAS integration looks pretty simple as I need
> to set the 
> variable to look
> at a login config 
> file and use the Tomcat JAASRealm plugin declaration
> with the Geronimo 
> security.
> I have written some unit tests and am trying to fire
> up Tomcat from 
> these tests and am having a few problems.  I am
> hopeful that if I get 
> Tomcat running in my tests, I will be successful.
> I took the unit tests from Jetty and altered them to
> work for Tomcat. 
> Everything fires up except Tomcat.  The error I am
> getting is it cannot 
> find the server.xml.  I am positive I am declaring
> the catalinahome, 
> catalinabase, and catalinaconfig properly in the
> test.  But its not 
> finding it.
> Questions:
> 1) Perhaps, part of my problem may be that the unit
> tests are not 
> looking in thier respective src and target
> directories for configuration 
> and instead are looking in assembly.  Is this
> correct?   Do I need to be 
> concerned with the assembly area when running tests?
> 2) For a full build and deploy, where would you
> recommend we store/set 
> the property and
> where would we place 
> our configuration files (i.e. login.config) when
> building for Geronimo?
> 3) I noticed the dependency on the endorsed dirs. 
> Should the endorsed 
> XML jars be included in a subdirectory somewhere in
> the Geronimo build?
> Sorry in advance for the n00b questions and thanks
> in advance for the 
> answers.
> Jeff

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