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From John Childs <>
Subject AXIS module, ComplexWebServicesTest question.
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:52:03 GMT
Hi all, but more specifically Srinath,

I'm looking at the ComplexWebService test in the axis
module and finding something a little strange.

My concern is the assertEquals line, it's checking two
values structval and structret which are both turn out
to be of type EchoStruct.

The problem is that EchoStruct doesn't have an
implementation of .equals, so it's checking the
hashcodes on the objects themselves.  So one of two
things needs to be done.

1)  Implement .equals on EchoStruct.
2)  change assertEquals to be assertSame and look for
the reason that structret and structval don't refer to
the same object instance.

I'm not sure who wrote this test, or it's intent, so I
need that simple question answered (1 or 2) to proceed
properly :-)

Any wisdom passed my way would be appreciated.



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