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From "David Farb" <>
Subject Re: [Apache Geronimo Wiki] Updated: WishList/M3
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 15:11:17 GMT

Axis may be required for J2EE 1.4 compliance, but I don't think that 
necessarily translates into one very large build containing every 

If someone is working on the Axis integration, then why should they be 
held up because of a problem with the integration of some other module.

If the build were subdivided into some fundamental modules (kernel, 
core, system, naming, network, ...) which could be built and assembled 
as a unit, and then other modules or groups of modules built on top of 
that core, (Say a Jetty-Axis web group ...), it would then be possible 
to build just the parts you really want. 

This makes work on some particular part of Geronimo easier since that 
work is dependent ONLY on the code it really needs.

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