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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: Axis module review
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 05:59:37 GMT
> I was just reviewing the code in the Axis module and noticed some
> things that are considered no-nos or bad practice with the Geronimo
> architecture.  This is our fault for not reviewing the code sooner.
> Let me try and make up for this lack of feedback.
Thanks David, when I start with the Axis module I want to get the Web
Service working, and hope things would shape up when the comment come
as I am great beliver of starting with something runing and shape it

let us address the things one by one. To put it in simple words I wan
to do the following

There are three senarios 
1)  Start Axis 
   * I need jetty and open ejb running
  *  I need to start the AxisGBean 
  *  I need to start Axis Servelt inside jetty

2) deploy a Webservice 
  * I need to invoke the deploy(...) in AxisGBean
  * Axis GBean register the Web Service in Axis (which is WS detail I
belive I can handle it)
  * I need to deploy and start if there are ejb's bind with Web Service

3) Invoke a Web Service
 * Axis Servlet will capture the SOAP/HTTP request  and go ahead with
the web service
 * if the impl of the Web Service is a EJB I need to invoke it using
the Geronimo internals (Using Contianer Index now).

I need to learn following 
1) How to use the plans to start the Geronimo from a test case. So to
do it with out hardcoding object names
2) How to start a AxisGBean from plan
3) How to start Axis Servlet from the AxisGBean 
4) how to call a deploy(..) method of AxisGBean with out using Kernel
5) How to deploy a ejb and start ejb from the AxisGbean

Q1) can somebody name me a module which use plans to bring the
geronimo up with web, ejb continer, AxisGbean started so that I can
use junit test to test it? Are they all do it .. will check
Q2) How can I programtically requst the services from the Geronimo
(with out using the kernel). e.g. deploy this ejb, start/stop this
service ect

if anybody can point me to the testcases in other modules that do the
above that would be very helpful :)


p.s. I wrote the code by looking at the test cases in other modules ,
see how they setup the geronimo for test ect.

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