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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: svn commit: rev 55336 - in geronimo/trunk/modules/j2ee-schema: . src/j2ee_1_4schema
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 17:24:01 GMT
	I don't have a copy from Sun of the original ones, so I don't know
if Sun reformatted them or we did.  I suspect we did, since the 4-space
indent seems to be an IDEA standard, but who knows?  The ones I checked in
are exactly as downloaded from Sun, which I thought was for the best going
forward.  I belive at least one had a newer revision date than the last
update date shown on the J2EE schema summary page, so it seems clear that
we can't rely on that date.

	Nearly all of the schemas had been upped a revision or three (see
the rev # in the header comment).  Unfortunately, they don't seem to
include a change log.  The most significant changes I saw were that
java-typeType is defined in j2ee_1_4 and the constraint names were changed
in web-app_2_4 so there are no conflicts between web, connector, client,
and EJB modules.  Also the web-jsptaglibrary_2_0 removed an erroneous
attribute in the header (it defined xml or something that wasn't allowed).  
So we don't need the corrected versions any more.


On Sat, 23 Oct 2004, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> There are huge deltas here due to formatting changes - did we mess up 
> the original import, did Sun reformat the schemas, or is the formatting 
> of this version wrong?
> Anyway, please can you sumamrize what changed as it gets lost in the noise.
> Thanks
> --
> Jeremy

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