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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject (This Evening's) Build Status
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 02:23:16 GMT
	We should now be able to download all the Geronimo dependencies 

maven -p dependencies.xml build:start

	The only thing that doesn't get is the maven/plugin dependencies.  
If you want to really try out from scratch, you should:

0) svn up && maven m:up
1) save .maven/repository/commons-jelly/
2) delete .maven/*
3) recreate .maven/repository and copy commons-jelly/ into there
4) run maven -p dependencies.xml build:start
5) run maven m:rebuild-all
6) Maven will download all its non-Jelly dependencies
7) Hit Ctrl-C to stop the build as soon as it finishes downloading
8) run maven -o m:rebuild-all

	That should work.  The thing with commons-jelly is that it doesn't
download some of those until it gets practically to the end of the build,
so if you don't save and restore the jelly junk then you have to run a
full online build to get them all to download, and then you can't prove to
yourself that we really got all the required dependencies ahead of time 
because you're online the whole time anyway.  Plus it takes forever.  :)


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