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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposal for more uniform gbean naming, similar to jsr-77 names.
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 05:48:06 GMT
Currently there is a more or less uniform naming scheme for j2ee  
components specified by jsr-77, whereas the naming of other gbeans is  
totally random and unpredictable, depending on the whims of the  
developer as they strive for literary greatness... well, at least they  
are all over the map.

Some aspects of uniformity from the jsr-77 scheme could easily be  
applied to regular gbeans:

domain name and server name are specified in the EARConfigBuilder.   
Similarly, they could be specified in the ServiceConfigBuilder for  
uniformity across all gbeans.

Application name and/or module name are specified by the configId or  
explicit application-name element, or by the relative location of a  
module within an ear.

Similarly, we could supply a module name for gbeans from the configId  
or an explicit module-name attribute.

j2eeType is perhaps not appropriate for non-j2ee component gbeans.   
However some standard type name would be desirable, perhaps  

As with j2ee components, a name property is needed.

So, a resulting gbean name might look like:


Of these, the domain and J2EEServer would be set in the  

ServiceModule set by

<service configId="a/b/c" parentId="base" module-name="foo">

and the gbean itself would only need

<gbean type="3ProngedChuckActuator" name="default"  


<gbean properties="ServiceType=3ProngedChuckActuator,name=default"  

or the first with optional additional properties.

Thoughts? Flames?

many thanks,
david jencks

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