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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Proposed new multiproject build
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 02:53:43 GMT
I have rewritten our multiproject build to add support for windows.  
The new goals all start with m: so as to not disrupt our current stuff. 
  Assuming everyone is happy, I would like to remove the current 
multiproject and reactor goals (and drop the m: prefix).  This is only 
a proposal, so if people don't like it I can just delete or refactor 
the goals.

Before I get to the new goals, there are a few weirdism.  I disabled 
the activemq tests as they take for ever (like 30 minutes) and 
eventually fail.  This is a hard coded disable, as maven 1 would not 
let me do it in a more elegant way.  I also disabled the openejb itests 
as they fail every time. This failure is due to something outside of 
the multiproject build (i.e. it happens in standalone openejb).  I also 
had to disable the geronimo itests as they use some artifacts from the 
openejb itests.  Hopefully these problems can be worked out and all of 
the test reenabled.  I have verified that the current goals work on Mac 
OS X and Windows.  Anyway, on the the new goals....

The main goals for the new multiproject build are:

m:default or m:build
     Executes default build for all available project modules

    Deletes the 'target' directory in all available project modules

     Deletes the local repository artifacts of ActiveMQ, Geronimo, HOWL, 
OpenEJB, and TranQL.  NOTE: This may cause problem is you do not have 
the source for the all of the other projects available.

     Same as m:clean m:default

     Same as m:clean m:clean-repo m:default and it includes 
geronimo-spec modules

m:checkout or m:co
     Checks out ActiveMQ, HOWL, OpenEJB, and TranQL

     Updates ActiveMQ, Geronimo, HOWL, OpenEJB, and TranQL from cvs/svn 

     BE CAREFUL: Deletes checkout of ActiveMQ, HOWL, OpenEJB, and TranQL 
and checks them out again

In addition to the above we support a -Dmodules command line option 
which is a comma separated list of module names (ie. common, core, ...)


Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
310.536.8355, ext. 26

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