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Subject Re: Questions on Geronimo clustering support
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 07:04:27 GMT
On 5 Oct 2004, at 04:46, wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get a feel for how EJB/JNDI clustering will be 
> implemented
> in Geronimo and when it might be implemented.
> I remember reading somewhere in the mail archives that the clustering
> module in Geronimo has been abandoned and that ActiveCluster will be 
> used.

There are various technologies and techniques which can be classified 
under the generic term 'clustering'. Its certainly not on Geronimo's 
agenda AFAIK to develop a replicated JNDI solution - though the 
Directory project at Apache is doing something like that - but I'd call 
that a replicated JNDI rather than a 'clustered' JNDI.

ActiveCluster is a simple & low level API to clusters of nodes and 
supports cluster-wide and point to point messaging abstractions. So its 
an ideal low level abstraction for builiding a model of which nodes are 
available and allocating work among a cluster, implementing 
master/slave or electing a leader, implementing a distributed lock 
manager etc. So its a fairly low level library that some distributed 
algorithm can use.

> Is EJB/JNDI clustering planned to be supported in the Geronimo 1.0 
> release
> or is this non-essential functionality that will be in a later release?

Not sure on that one :). I guess it'll be integrated when its ready.

> Is the WADI project planning on providing EJB Tier clustering in 
> addition
> to  Web Tier clustering?


So WADI is a higher level protocol & framework for implementing web and 
EJB based clustering, fail-over, session migration etc. Its based on 
top of ActiveCluster.


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