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From "Mark DeLaFranier" <>
Subject Latest Code Build Troubles
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:25:14 GMT

I just downloaded the latest code and I am having a few issues building.  I 
was following the BUILDING.TXT file and I have observed the following:

(g:\ is the root for the source and contains the directories: applications, 
docs_nopublish ...)


g:\> maven > build.log 2>&1

The build fails with :

File...... G:\maven.xml
Element... maven:reactor
Line...... 454
Column.... 27
The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependency:
Total time: 14 seconds
Finished at: Fri Oct 15 12:17:45 EDT 2004


I also tried to just build and run the server,

g:\> cd modules/assembly
g:\modules\assembly> maven > build.log 2>&1

This results in a lot of unresolved dependancies, I suspect these are 
missing since the root directory build failed.

Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-velocity-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-client-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-client-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-client-builder-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-client-builder-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-clustering-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-clustering-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.

This seems stragen, as these appear to be modules that look like they should 
be built, unclear as to why the build system would attempt to download 


Lets try to fix CASE 1 so that CASE 2 will work.  I poked around looing for 
references to servlet-2.4.  I found that in the modules\jetty\project.xml, 
we have a reference to

        <!-- these are just needed to run the unit tests -->

and inside the version-info.ent we have:

<!ENTITY geronimo-spec-servlet-version "2.4-SNAPSHOT">

Now, this is where I am stuck.  Where should this file come from?


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