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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Questions on Geronimo clustering support
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 10:21:31 GMT wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get a feel for how EJB/JNDI clustering will be implemented 
> in Geronimo and when it might be implemented.
> I remember reading somewhere in the mail archives that the clustering 
> module in Geronimo has been abandoned and that ActiveCluster will be used. 
> Is it envisaged that another clustering module will be developed or the 
> existing one changed? 
> Is EJB/JNDI clustering planned to be supported in the Geronimo 1.0 release 
> or is this non-essential functionality that will be in a later release? 

 > Is the WADI project planning on providing EJB Tier clustering in 
 > to  Web Tier clustering?

Yes and No :-)

I have spoken to some of the OpenEJB people about pushing WADI state 
migration and replication technology back and underneath OpenEJB as 
well, and they seem happy with that, but no concrete moves have been 
made in that direction, as I am still hardeining the code in WADI - I am 
not expecting this to be in the first Geronimo release, as clustering is 
not a required piece of the spec.

As for the JNDI side of things, I have given it some cursory thought, 
but no serious consideration. I am waiting to see how the state 
replication technologies that we shall use will pan out. I am aware of 
how other clustered EJB impls work, so that is a good starting point. I 
wasn't intending do to this piece of work myself, and haven't spoken 
about it to David Blevins or the other OpenEJB people....

Does that help ?


> Thanks,
> John

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