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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Deploying a Data Source
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 01:39:41 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	Okay, but as I understand it, the default configuration will not
> start the default database (just o/a/g/Server).  I created a new
> database target, so if I leave that stuff out, does that mean the timers
> will break?  I guess I don't need it since I don't have a DB table for the
> timers anyway.  :)

If you don't specify any config names on the command line then the 
server starts what it was running when it last shut down.

>>We don't use a global jndi namespace internally.  The ger: namespace is 
>>there only for people who won't follow the j2ee instructions:-) which 
>>clearly state that you can only look up stuff in java:comp/env from 
>>within a j2ee component.
> 	Then I'm confused by what the "global-jndi-name" value does in the 
> tranql configuration.

It is there to support non-portable applications that don't use 
resource-ref declarations.

>>Stuff that goes into the java:comp/env context does not refer to
>>anything in any other jndi binding or context.  My reading of the spec
>>is that resource-env-ref can only refer to jms queues or topics, now a
>>subset of what message-destination-refs can refer to.  In any case,
>>right now, if you want to get a datasource, you need to use a
> 	Okay, I can see that of EJB 2.1 does seem to read that
> way.  I had remembered it being more vague.  In any case, with the
> resource-ref and the getXAResources fix, I'm now deploying exception-free
> -- time to see if my application code actually works as expected.  :)

Good luck

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