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Subject Re: svn commit: rev 51845 - in geronimo/trunk/modules/assembly/src: plan var/config
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 18:56:40 GMT

On 4 Oct 2004, at 16:59, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Oct 4, 2004, at 12:40 AM, wrote:
>> On 4 Oct 2004, at 04:03, Hiram Chirino wrote:
>>> Yes, user code only uses the JMS API.  But the client is indirectly 
>>> using ActiveMQ classes since the JMS interfaces are ActiveMQ 
>>> implementations.  And since the in vm transport does not serialize 
>>> the ActiveMQ messages it sends to the broker, the broker needs to be 
>>> in the same classloader as the app.  Otherwise, I'm sure the server 
>>> would throw class cast exceptions.
>> If you're sending a message from one EAR to another using user 
>> objects serialized, thats true. I guess in this case, we should 
>> ensure that the tcp protocol is used to ensure data is serialized 
>> into and out of each EAR/class loader.
> It is only true if the objects passing over the transport are private 
> to the ear.  If the object are standard J2EE types (e.g., 
> javax.jms.MapMessage) or are standard J2EE types (e.g., 
> java.lang.String), there will be no class cast exceptions.  I believe 
> this is the normative case.

Yes. So its only if you're sending ObjectMessage messages where the 
payload is a Java object who's class exists in 2 different class 
loaders who are producing and consuming the same ObjectMessage.

>> We should reserve the VM transport for use cases where publishers and 
>> consumers are in the same class loader - will add warnings to the 
>> website to this effect.
> You can use the trick Hiram uses in Geronimo Remoting.  He checks that 
> the class loader of the source class is a parent of the target class 
> loader.  If they are not, he does a serialization copy.  The only 
> question is is the check expensive.

Great idea! Should be pretty cheap to do - we could make it a 
configurable option if it has some cost


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