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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Proposed new multiproject build
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 22:27:19 GMT

On Oct 7, 2004, at 3:06 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Oct 7, 2004, at 1:39 PM, David Jencks wrote:
>> On Oct 7, 2004, at 12:44 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>> On Oct 7, 2004, at 12:30 PM, David Jencks wrote:
>>>> Right, I was trying to use a checkout from the previous version of  
>>>> maven.xml.  I don't know why it didn't work, but after m:co  
>>>> m:update works.
>>> Cool
>>>> Now I'm having what I consider a severe problem with m:idea.  I  
>>>> think it should include the spec modules but it doesn't.
>>> David, I think you are the only one that regularly builds specs, so  
>>> if you want to add it to your idea build, just change this in your  
>>> file
>>> maven.idea.project.multiproject.includes=${maven.multiproject.include 
>>> s},specs/*/project.xml
>> What I want is for m:idea to recognize that project dependencies to  
>> specs are to other modules that are part of geronimo, so you can work  
>> with the spec classes in idea in the generated projects.  (this only  
>> works with my maven-idea-plugin patch).  I'm fine with your extra  
>> target for actually building the specs.
> Will it link specs binaries to the maven repo or to  
> target/xxxxx-version.jar?

not sure what you mean. What I'm talking about can be seen in the idea  
project configuration for a module: instead of a spec subproject being  
listed as a "library" it will be listed as a "dependency".  As a  
result, the source code is available from the using module.  For  
instance, pressing F4 on a class name will find the source code, not  
decompile the binary.

david jencks

>> Another thing that defeats automatic dependency recognition is use of  
>> the aggregated spec jar rather than the jars that are related to the  
>> source locations.
> You could switch all of the modules over to not use the aggregated  
> dependencies, but it will be a ton of work....
> -dain

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