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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Deploy Problem
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 14:40:13 GMT
	I'm trying to deploy an EAR consisting of a WAR, an EJB JAR, and 
an RA.  The EJB JAR just has an MDB that should be configured to receive 
inbound messages from the RA.

	With the M2 release, I am unable to deploy due to a 
DeplyomentException: No plan or WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml found
(even though my WAR does have a WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml)

	With a build I did on Monday, I can deploy successfully, however 
the app does not start up after it's deployed.  If I then restart Geronimo 
and pass the app name on the command line, first the 
org/apache/geronimo/System configuration is started, and them the RMI 
Registry is started and then it goes immediately to "Starting kernel 
shutdown" with no intervening error messages.

	The first error I get is after the message that it's stopping my 
EAR configuration, and it's "could not unregister child XZY" followed by 
"InstanceNotFoundException: MBeanServer cannot find MBean with ObjectName 
XYZ" where XYZ is:


  rfid = my EAR
  rfid-ejbs.jar = my EJB JAR
  RFIDReader = my MDB in the EJB JAR

I'm not sure if the is the root cause of the shutdown (that it can't 
identify an ActivationSpec for the MDB to use), or if this is just the 
shutdown failing (there are about 5 stack traces like this complaining 
that various components can't be shut down -- the RA, the RA module, 
the EAR module, etc.).

As far as my configuration goes, in my openejb-jar.xml I gave the MDB the 
name of the RA and the class name of the ActivationSpec -- I thought that 
should be enough for it to instantiate an ActivationSpec, apply the 
settings from ejb-jar.xml, and then pass that to the RA to get connected.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, and I can provide code or DDs if 
that would be helpful.


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