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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: questions, questions, questions - I need some quick answers
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 18:25:51 GMT
This one time, at band camp, Dain Sundstrom said:

DS>On Sep 13, 2004, at 11:03 AM, Bruce Snyder wrote:
DS>> This one time, at band camp, Dain Sundstrom said:
DS>> DS>On Sep 13, 2004, at 9:11 AM, Bruce Snyder wrote:
DS>> DS>
DS>> DS>> How can openejb-jar descriptors be generated?  Is there an XDoclet
DS>> DS>> plugin? Or, are the geronimo* descriptors generated automatically
DS>> DS>> by the builders?
DS>> DS>
DS>> DS>No XDoclet that I know of... I write them by hand.  BTW, The
DS>> DS>openejb-jar.xml is not required anymore.
DS>> Great, are the other geronimo*.xml descriptors still required (e.g.
DS>> geronimo-jetty.xml, geronimo-application.xml, etc.)?
DS>Only the geronimo-ra.xml is required.


DS>> DS>> The Geronimo builders are creating all the configuration objects.
DS>> DS>> Are these the objects that are serialized out into the config.ser
DS>> DS>> file?
DS>> DS>
DS>> DS>Yes, but there is only one Configuration object created, and it is
DS>> that
DS>> DS>object that is serialized.
DS>> I thought that the serialized configs contained an arbitrary graph
DS>> of objects and that was why building a viewer was a big PITA? Am I
DS>> mixing up two different things here?
DS>It does.  This is a single Configuration containing N GBeans with N

Then it sounds like it is still possible to build a viewer. From a
single Configuration object, I'm guessing it's a collection of N
GBeans. If so, it shouldn't be too difficult to walk the collection
and ask for the constructor, methods, etc.

perl -e 'print unpack("u30","<0G)U8V4\@4VYY9&5R\"F9E<G)E=\$\!F<FEI+F-O;0\`\`");'

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