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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Questions on OpenEJB, Castor and TranQL in Geronimo
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:23:27 GMT

On Sep 15, 2004, at 5:18 AM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> wrote:
>> I am trying to get a better understanding of database support in 
>> Geronimo (and its components) and have a number of questions:
>> * The page indicates that 
>> OpenEJB provides EJB1.1 compatibility, but on the page 
>> it indicates that the version of 
>> OpenEJB for Geronimo has EJB 2.x support.
> This is because there're two versions of OpenEJB, the one being 
> integrated with Geronimo - it's OpenEJB2, and the one that has some 
> nice features like Tomcat integration with (only) EJB 1.1 + Local 
> interfaces support - it's OpenEJB1.
> Only OpenEJB2 will support EJB 2.x and more.

To clarify, OpenEJB 1 was written to be compatible with the EJB 1.1 
specification, although it is not certified (much like JBoss was prior 
to version 4 which has claimed certification).

OpenEJB 2 has been refactored (and added to) to be EJB 2.0 compliant 
and integrated into Geronimo.

>> * Whilst trying to get a picture of the current state of OpenEJB,  I 
>> noticed that there are JIRA issues for OpenEJB on both the Geronimo 
>> and the site.
>>    When is each site used for raising issues? (e.g. is the Geronimo 
>> JIRA database only used to record OpenEJB problems that impact 
>> integration of OpenEJB into Geronimo or passing TCK tests)?
> As a OpenEJB committer I can say I treat these two JIRA repos as 
> dictinct: one for OpenEJB2 (it's the JIRA installation hosted at 
> and the another for OpenEJB1 hosted at
> So, issues shown while working with Geronimo (and OpenEJB2) are going 
> to  JIRA at, whereas with OpenEJB1 (which is not expected 
> to work with Geronimo) to JIRA at

Yep.  We are entering the OpenEJB issues into the Geronimo JIRA so we 
can keep track of the overall progress of Geronimo from a single 

>> * Geronimo uses Castor version, which is dated December 11, 
>> 2001.  Is there a reason why more recent versions are not used? ( 
>> )
> I don't know about any. I also think you're talking about OpenEJB2 (or 
> even OpenEJB1), weren't you? If so, that's been overlooked. It seems 
> that noone noticed Castor upgrade and it didn't go to OpenEJB.

Geronimo itself doesn't currently use Castor, but some parts of OpenEJB 
does.  When we create the Geronimo distribution we need to include 
castor for OpenEJB.

>> * If I want to use Geronimo with a proprietary database that has a 
>> JDBC driver, is Castor the only library that may need modification to 
>> work with the proprietary database?  What about TranQL?
> Well, I'm confused. I don't think Castor is used in Geronimo, but 
> OpenEJB. I might have missed something :( As far as TranQL goes, I 
> thought, it's used for CMPs. JDBC drivers are handled by openejb-jca 
> wrapper, but wouldn't cound on the information.

Jacek was close.  In Geronimo, JDBC connections are managed using the 
J2EE Connector APIs.  We currently use the tranql-connector JDBC to JCA 
wrapper in Geronimo.  We used to use the openejb-jca wrapper, but 
dropped it since it is only JCA 1.0 and the Tranql one is JCA 1.5, and 
openejb-jca one is copyright Intalio (long story there).


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