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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Ant tasks to mirror Maven Geronimo deploy plugin
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 16:10:46 GMT

On Sep 13, 2004, at 12:57 AM, Bruce Snyder wrote:

> David Jencks wrote:
>> On Sep 12, 2004, at 10:35 PM, Bruce Snyder wrote:
>>> I've been looking through the info on the wiki WRT installing,   
>>> running, deploying, undeploying and stopping. These processes seem  
>>> to  be fairly terse when using the Maven Geronimo deploy plugin.  
>>> However,  the same steps for those who are not using the Maven  
>>> Geronimo deploy  plugin are very verbose. It seems to me that all of  
>>> this could be  abstracted by a set of Ant tasks.
>>> Also, I've looked everywhere for the Maven Geronimo plugin. Where in  
>>>  the world can I find it?
>> In the geronimo tree under modules/maven-plugin
> I figured out it was my fault about two minutes after I sent the  
> original message >8-/.
>>>  I'd like to get a look at the guts of it so that I can create a set  
>>>  of Ant tasks to mirror the Maven plugin. Has anyone else thought  
>>> about  doing this? Also, what are some additional opinions on this  
>>> topic? Am  I just way off base here or do others also see value in  
>>> such a beast?
>> I think you can reuse the maven plugin classes in ant taskdefs, or   
>> maybe you will have to wrap them to make them implement some ant   
>> interface.  It's going to be moderately inconvenient to use with ant   
>> due to the jars you need to get into the ant classpath.   Maybe you   
>> could build an uberjar containing all the dependencies.  It's   
>> (fortunately) been a long time since I've used ant, but I remember  
>> that  using the similar ant add-on I wrote for jboss was painful due  
>> to the  dependencies.
> Reuse seems like the best solution via wrapper classes. Are you  
> talking about jars that must be bootstrapped by Ant? I'm not sure how  
> this would fly, but I could drop the jars in the $ANT_HOME/lib  
> directory. Can you explain this further?

That's it.  I think you'll have to include all the dependencies from  
the plugin's project.xml.  Also, you may want to add more -- otherwise  
error classes that come back can't be deserialized. (this is currently  
a problem with the maven plugin also).

david jencks
> Bruce
> --  
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> unpack("u30","<0G)U8V4\\@4VYY9&5R\\"F9E<G)E=\\$\\!F<FEI+F-O; 
> 0\\`\\`");'
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